Supporting the functional and emotional needs of our users.

Our software is used by people in all areas of education, but we primarily focus on learners and instructors. The educational journey can be challenging for all parties but it’s also a time of growth. When we understand our users’ functional and emotional needs, we can design solutions that decrease anxiety and improve outcomes for all.

evaluate performance across classes


Instructors have a lot on their plate and need a tool to help them be efficient with their time. With this in mind, we created grading overviews that span courses and devices. Within a single view instructors can see what needs to be completed, available actions, and everything they have accomplished across all their active classes.

accelerate the grading process

Discussion Analytics

Grading is often one of an instructor’s most laborious activities. With Discussion Analysis we set out to accelerate the grading process, giving instructors their valuable time back. Acting as a grading assistant, Discussion Analysis provides insights into individual student discussion participation, critical thinking level, and sentence complexity. With this data, instructors can identify students who are outside the normal range of participation without spending hours reviewing every discussion post.

interact and comminicate in real-time


Regardless of whether they teach in-person, hybrid, or online courses, instructors want rich, interactive virtual collaboration tools. When we designed Blackboard’s virtual collaborative learning solution, Collaborate, we were determined to implement unique capabilities specific to our users that enhance the classroom experience.

Collaborate features many common in-class interactions including: 

  • Polling
  • Breakout groups
  • Private chat
  • Sessions scale to 500